The vultures hoped for a death

As the snow filled the road

And I

Standing by

Watching it unfold

Dare I contribute to their happiness?

Dare I provide them with their next meal?

The vultures remained hungry

We could not close the deal


“You must be rich!”

Said the little boy

“You have a house all to yourself

You get water on command

And your house has lights on even during the day!”

I replied unimpressed:

“No, I’m just an average American.”

Source Unknown

The meaning is lost

The tracks are fading with the rain

The world doesn’t know her name

Yet she lives

In the meaning they assign

The words get redefined

The prophet becomes a poet

Writing notes

Passing time

And forgets her real power

After all

It’s rare to empower

A child with a pen

Channeling the source within

So they cite her teachings

As source unknown